Incorporated since 1876 by Wm. E. Meyer


Wm. E. Meyer & Co., Ltd.

Incorporated in 1876 by German Captain William E. Meyer as a steamship and coal-bunkering agency, the Meyer Group’s operations now include ship, freight and shore excursion agencies, property development, information technology support and forensic accounting services. Wm. E. Meyer & Co., Ltd. is the holding corporation for the Meyer Group. See History.

Meyer Agencies Ltd.

Meyer Agencies offers the most experienced and comprehensive port agent services in Bermuda. With 135 years of agency experience and fulltime offices in Hamilton, St. George’s and Dockyard, Meyer Agencies is well positioned to handle the needs of all visiting vessels from private to commercial, from passenger to cargo. Meyer Agencies is proud to be the leader in Bermuda’s maritime industry. View more.

Meyer Freight Ltd.

The onset of containerization and increase in complexity of the freight industry resulted in the formation of Meyer Freight. Meyer Freight offers Bermuda’s importers two first-class freight links with the East Coast — the Bermuda International Shipping Ltd. (BISL) service from Salem, New Jersey and the Somers Isles Shipping Ltd. (SISL) service from Fernandina Beach, Florida. Meyer Freight prides itself on fast, reliable and personalised service. View more.

Meyer Tours Ltd.

Meyer Tours is the island’s leading shore excursion agency, committed to creating and delivering premier passenger experiences to our cruise ship guests. Meyer Tours offer dedicated team coverage, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to cruise ships in St. George’s, Hamilton and Dockyard. Tour dispatchers are on the pier for meet-and-greet and dispatch and every tour to ensure quality control. View more.

Meyer Properties Ltd.

Meyer Properties manages the Meyer Group's properties in St. George's and the City of Hamilton. The Meyer Group’s St. George’s properties are located at Somers Wharf and Hunter’s Wharf and in the Wellington Slip Road area and include 13 retail shops, 10 residential apartments, four offices, a restaurant, an art studio, a carpentry shop, a steel supply & fabrication machine shop and a marine boatyard/dry boat storage. In Hamilton, the Meyer Group owns the Waverley Building located at 35 Church Street, the main office location for the operating divisions. View more.

Forensic First Ltd.

Forensic First is a joint venture with Meyer’s VP Finance and Administration. Specialising in forensic accounting, Forensic First’s services include investigating and supporting cases of suspected fraud, identifying sources and uses of funds, tracing and recovering assets and proceeds of crime, preparing and presenting financial analyses and reports, giving expert testimony and aiding law enforcement, government officials and victims of fraud in their pursuit of justice and recovery. View more.

Associated Companies

Through long-term ties and partnerships, the Meyer Group has established equity holdings in the following entities: Bermuda International Shipping Ltd., Somers Isles Shipping Ltd., Polaris Holding Company Ltd., parent company to Stevedoring Services Ltd., and QRS Ltd.