Incorporated since 1876 by Wm. E. Meyer


Meyer Agencies Ltd. offers the most experience and comprehensive port agent service in Bermuda. Meyer Agencies started as a coal bunkering agent in 1876. From that time until today Meyer Agencies have been servicing Bermuda's maritime callers.

With our vast knowledge of local regulations we are able to assist any type of vessel for any type of call; from commercial to passenger, cargo to military, motor to sailing yachts, and medivac to bunkering we are on call 24-7 365 days of the year. Meyer Agencies have three full times agents along with support staff to assist in any enquires.

Port Agent Office Locations

  • Somers Wharf, 14 Water Street, St. George’s—servicing ports of St. George’s: Ordnance Island, Pennos Wharf, SOL Oil Pier, and off-shore transfers
  • 35 Church Street, Hamilton—servicing ports of Hamilton: 5 & 6 Dock Hamilton, 8 & 7 Dock Hamilton, 1 Dock (tender) Hamilton, and Hamilton Princess Marina
  • King's Wharf Terminal, Dockyard—servicing King's Wharf, Heritage Wharf, Commercial Dock, Flagship Dock and Knuckles Dock

Meyer Agencies Ltd. is division of the Meyer Group of Companies