Incorporated since 1876 by Wm. E. Meyer

Forensic First's services include:

  • Unravelling financial wrongdoing and suspected theft and fraud
  • Performing economic loss and damage quantification
  • Preparing loss recovery and profit or business interruption calculations
  • Investigating shareholder, employee and management disputes, including conflicts of interest, and allegations of financial impropriety
  • Performing fund and asset tracing and aiding in recoveries, including sources and use analysis
  • Providing expert witness testimony
  • Performing financial analysis and investigating and reporting on suspected accounting improprieties ranging from lapping, to ponzi and pyramid schemes, from cheque tampering and kiting to financial manipulation and theft.


Forensic First provides independent accounting consulting services to third-party organisations. Headed by chartered accountant and certified fraud examiner Todd Boyd, the firm has consulted on and performed civil and criminal forensic accounting investigations for multiple Bermuda and North American organisations.

Among its clients, Forensic First has been contracted to perform forensic accounting functions for the Bermuda Police Service, including investigating and supporting cases of suspected fraud, identifying sources and uses of funds, tracing and recovering assets and proceeds of crime, preparing and presenting financial analysis and reports, giving expert testimony and aiding law enforcement, government officials and victims of fraud in their pursuit of justice and recovery.

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