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MyTec Services

Meyer Technologies team of consultants initiates engagements with a thorough assessment of the client’s business. This ensures business objectives will be aligned with a client’s technological infrastructure. MyTec’s services include the following:

  • Maintenance Services
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Microsoft Networking Services
  • Messaging
  • Systems Management
  • Database Services
  • Security Services
  • Virtualization Services
  • Capacity Planning
  • Project Management
  • Business Continuity Services


Professional Services

MyTec applies a practical, focused approach in solving today’s business challenges for the small and medium business market.

MyTec has provided technical and strategic advice to Bermuda’s business marketplace since 2001. Small and medium businesses face many of the same IT challenges as larger businesses, trying to accommodate increasing demand for new IT capabilities and services. Small businesses often place even greater emphasis on cost savings and protecting business critical systems and data. Shrinking IT staff budgets and a “do more with less” mantra make it extremely difficult to simultaneously maintain day-to-day business operations and invest in new strategic projects that can yield longer-term efficiencies to help the business grow. MyTec excels in helping its customers resolve this challenging issue by providing flexible and versatile solutions tailored to its clients’ needs.

By leveraging technology, MyTec assists clients to grow their business and/or increase efficiencies, as its consultants take a strategic business approach to aligning IT initiatives with your industry. This approach enables MyTec to provide exceptional advisory, implementation and maintenance services, resulting in its customers being able to focus on their business, not the IT infrastructure that supports it.

MyTec People

MyTec has industry-certified staff with more than 85 years of combined IT knowledge. It should be noted that several of MyTec's' consultants have worked for Fortune 500 companies. MyTec's' unique advantage is its ability to provide creative, cost-effective solutions that benefit the small and medium business in four key areas:

  • Improving Business Insight
  • Reducing IT Costs and Risks
  • Enhancing Staff Productivity via Time and Organizational methods
  • Finding and Retaining Customers

By leveraging lessons learned from enterprise business solutions and focusing its products and services to meet the needs of the small and medium business client, MyTec accomplishes this goal for its customers. Another key attribute of MyTec is providing service excellence at a fair equitable price.

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